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Always striving to further the capabilities of our products.


Concentrating to achieve the end goal.


We are truthful, responsible and accountable for all our actions.


Ensuring our activities positively benefit the environment.

Syos Aerospace is a utilitarian UAS developer based in Tauranga, New Zealand, pioneering in the development of heavy-lift, rotary UAS. Syos was formed out of a global necessity for a UAS which was practical, viable and efficient at lifting heavy payloads for a wide range of applications.

Syos founders, Sam Vye and Cameron Baker, identified this requirement when developing technology solutions for conservation projects under sister company, Envico Technologies Limited. The Envico team would develop UAS specifically to perform services for conservation projects throughout Australasia, Pacific and South America. As there were no viable or practical heavy-lift platforms commercially available in the market, the Envico team would develop bespoke heavy-lift platforms for the projects. After conducting UAS operations in various remote locations around the world and performing many world’s firsts; including conducting 143 flights in 2 days from a boat, the Envico team had gained considerable experience developing fit-for-purpose, heavy-lift UAS and operating these in various challenging remote locations.

Syos Aerospace used this knowledge, experience and heavy-lift UAS intellectual property to develop the SA-200 UAS. Currently, we are in testing phase of the UAS and plan to make the SA-200 commercially available in 2022. To further support our goal, we are preparing an application to gain a Part 148 Manufacturer’s Certificate from the CAA.

At the core of Syos is a dedicated and highly skilled team of engineers and UAS industry experts that form the bedrock of our company. Together, we aim to build the next generation of unmanned utilitarian aircraft that are truly practical for tomorrow’s aerial requirements.

Our Goal

To become a world-leading manufacturer of utilitarian UAS.

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